Fallowing-Leasing Pilot Projects

The Colorado Water Conservation Board is authorized to administer a pilot program to test the efficacy of fallowing-leasing as an alternative to permanent agricultural dryup. The pilot program may consist of the selection of up to ten separate pilot projects, each lasting up to ten years in duration, to test the practice of fallowing irrigated agricultural land and leasing the associated water rights for temporary agricultural, environmental, industrial, municipal, and recreational uses.

NOTE: This program is not currently activated by the State Legislature, to discuss Collaborative Water Sharing Agreements contact  nora.flynn@state.co.us


How do I apply?
  1. Read the Criteria and Guidelines
  2. Contact Nora Flynn to discuss the project
Are there already fallowing-leasing projects in Colorado?

Yes. There are two approved projects.

  • Catlin Pilot Project: Approved by the CWCB Board in January 2015
  • Colorado Springs Utilities Project: Approved by the CWCB Board in January 2020
How do I download the Lease Fallow Tool?

First, download and read the User's Manual. Then download and install  Matlab R2014a MCR.

32bit Operating Systems:

64bit Operating Systems: