Interbasin Compact Committee

River near Paonia

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IBCC & PEPO Joint Meeting
October 21, 2020
8:00AM - 3:00PM

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The Interbasin Compact Committee (IBCC) is a 27-member committee established to facilitate conversations between basins and to address statewide issues. The IBCC is made up of:

  • Two members appointed by each of the nine roundtables;
  • Six members appointed by the Governor, who come from “geographically diverse parts of the state” and have expertise in environmental, recreational, local governmental, industrial and agricultural matters;
  • One member appointed by the chairperson of the Senate Ag. Committee;
  • One member appointed by the chairperson of the House Ag. Committee; and 
  • The Director of Compact Negotiations appointed by the Governor, who chairs the IBCC.

Point of Contact

303-866-3441 x3248

The following individuals currently serve on the IBCC:

 Director of Contract Negotiations  Russell George
 Arkansas  Terry Scanga & Jeris  Danielson
 Colorado  Stan Cazier & Carlyle Currier
 Gunnison  Bill Trampe & Joann Fagan
 Metro  Jim Lochhead & Lisa Darling
 North Platte  Barbara Vasquez/Vacant
 Rio Grande  Cleave Simpson & Keith Holland
 South Platte  Sean Cronin & Jim Yahn
 Southwest  Ed Millard & Al Pfister
 Yampa/White  Tom Gray & Jeff Meyers

 Andy Mueller

 Paul Bruchez

 Mely Whiting

 Aaron Citron

 Robert Sakata

 Pat Wells

 Senate Ag Committee  Kerry Donovan
 House Ag Committee  Dylan Roberts