Interbasin Compact Committee


The Interbasin Compact Committee (IBCC) was created in 2005 as directed by the “Colorado Water for the 21st Century Act.” Since then, the IBCC has provided an important, diverse, and balanced forum for policy input across Colorado and has helped shape numerous planning initiatives through a focused discourse on the major policy challenges within and across the nine basin roundtables

The IBCC is a 27-member committee made up of:

  • Two members appointed by each of the nine roundtables;
  • Six members appointed by the Governor, who come from “geographically diverse parts of the state” and have expertise in environmental, recreational, local governmental, industrial and agricultural matters;
  • One member appointed by the chairperson of the Senate Ag. Committee;
  • One member appointed by the chairperson of the House Ag. Committee; and 
  • The Director of Compact Negotiations appointed by the Governor, who chairs the IBCC.

The following individuals currently serve on the IBCC:

 Director of Compact Negotiations  Dan Gibbs 
 Arkansas  Terry Scanga & Jeris  Danielson
 Colorado  Stan Cazier & Carlyle Currier
 Gunnison  Joann Fagan & Mark Roeber
 Metro  Rick Marsicek & Lisa Darling
 North Platte  Barbara Vasquez/Vacant
 Rio Grande  Anne Bunting & Keith Holland
 South Platte  Sean Cronin & Jim Yahn
 Southwest  Ken Curtis & Al Pfister
 Yampa/White  Tom Gray & Jeff Meyers

 Andy Mueller

 Paul Bruchez

 Mely Whiting

 Aaron Citron

 Bo Shaffer

 Pat Wells

 Senate Ag Committee  Kerry Donovan
 House Ag Committee  Dylan Roberts


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