Watershed Protection and Restoration

The Colorado Water Conservation Board supports watershed planning as well as projects designed to restore and protect watersheds.

The CWCB partners with numerous organizations to plan and undertake multi-objective projects designed to reduce flood hazards, stabilize and restore stream channels, provide habitat, reduce erosion and increase the capacity to utilize water. Inter- and intra-agency coordination, communication and prioritization are essential components of the CWCB’s efforts.

Specifically, the CWCB supports watershed protection and restoration efforts through the administration of: ­

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Colorado Watershed Restoration Program

The Colorado Watershed Restoration Program provides grants for watershed/stream restoration, flood hazard mitigation, stream management plans, and monitoring.

Disaster Recovery Resources

The Colorado Water Conservation Board has partnered with Enginuity starting in November 2020 to support the Colorado Watershed Restoration Program with additional resources for grantees as well as wildfire and flood analysis, fluvial hazard zone program implementation, project monitoring and adaptive management, and overall program support.

Visit the CWCB Disaster Recovery website for more information on how the CWCB adapted federal and state funding to address widespread watershed damage and recovery. Many of the resources on this website can be applied to other watershed health and stream restoration efforts. The CWCB has also prepared a literature review to address frequently asked questions about post fire soil erosion and impacts to water resources.


Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund

The Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund grants money to on-the-ground projects that contribute to cleaner water, healthier wildlife habitat, and improved recreation throughout our State and is administered through Colorado Water Conservation Board in association with the Water Quality Control Division and the Colorado Watershed Assembly.  Visit the CO Healthy Rivers Fund website for more information.