Basin Implementation Plans


The Colorado Water Plan is a grassroots effort.

CWCB is excited to announce the completion of the Basin Implementation Plans (BIPs) as of January 31, 2022.

The final edits to the eight Basin Implementation Plans have been completed by the roundtables, their local experts, and the BIP general contractor. The new BIPs advance the basin roundtables' 2015 efforts. For the first time, a shorter and standardized Volume 1 BIP strategy document makes comparing BIPs easier. Additionally, basin efforts to identify local projects are now captured in the CWCB's new Project Database which will come online later this year.

The final Volume 1 BIP links for each basin are below. For those who wish to dive deeper, feel free to reference the longer and more detailed final Volume 2 documents.

Learn more about the grassroots basin roundtable process on our Basin Roundtable page.


Basin Projects

 The original BIPs references Identified Projects and Processes (i.e. Projects) that each roundtable maintained. To create greater consistency and transparency, those basin projects lists are now being placed into CWCB's Projects Database which includes all the projects that basin identified during the 2021 BIP update. As part of that effort, basins were encouraged to strengthen the project data and funding needs associated with every project and included a 'level of readiness' or tier of projects that range from being immediately ready (now), near-term, mid-term or long-term.

Visit the Projects Database