Basin Implementation Plans

The Colorado Water Plan is a grassroots effort.

The basin roundtables play a critical role in the development of the Colorado Water Plan. Each roundtable delivered its own Basin Implementation Plan to the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) in April 2015. These plans framed regional values and offered strategies for how each basin's future water needs will be addressed at the local level. As a result, much of the Water Plan's success has been basin-specific – where local governments, water utilities, elected officials, community organizations, and citizens are involved on-the-ground with locally-tailored efforts.

For Fiscal Year 20-21, Governor Jared Polis focused one of the State's Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) on advancing water projects in each of the basins. Specifically, the WIG directs the State to coordinate with Colorado's eight major river basins to create a prioritized statewide database that identifies accurate costs for 160 critical and readily implementable projects by June 30, 2021. 

Learn more about the grassroots basin roundtable process or dig into the individual 2015 Basin Implementation Plans below.