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Many innovative water reuse projects already exist, and Colorado can learn from several areas in the United States that are exploring future pathways in reuse technologies. Widespread development of potable reuse and allowance of different uses for reuse water will be an important facet of closing the future water supply-demand gap. The creation of scalable technical resources, support of local initiatives through financial incentives, and best practices sharing will bolster water reuse.

Why Reuse Water? is an infographich with 8 examples of the importance of reuse

2018 Reuse Demonstration Project, featuring CWCB's Director Mitchell

Guidelines for Direct Potable Reuse in Colorado

The CWCB financially supported this project with a Water Plan Grant. Through the grant, WateReuse Colorado sponsored and Independent Advisory Panel, administered by the National Water Research Institute, to develop guidelines for direct potable reuse (DPR) in Colorado. The resulting consensus report includes recommendations for regulations, policy, and guidance to help define the path toward DPR in Colorado.

DPR Guidelines in Colorado Final Report          

PureWater Demonstration Project

The PureWater Colorado demonstration project was operated from January through April 2018 as an extension of the WateReuse Colorado Direct Potable Reuse project. The PureWater Colorado demonstration plays a key role in in preparing Colorado for future DPR projects by providing a fun, physical context for regulatory development and public outreach. A wide variety of audiences were reached through nearly 200 attendees from utilities, agencies, legislators, and academic institutions that visited the demonstration facility and tasted the finished water over four weeks of active tours. The demonstration was made possible by a collaboration with contributions from Denver Water, Carollo Engineers, the Colorado Water Conservation Board, Xylem, Pall Corporation, and Calgon Carbon. Outreach resources include a video tour of the demonstration facilities, a project overview video, and TV and print media coverage. Water produced from the demonstration is also being used to produce beer at Declaration Brewing for Denver Water’s centennial celebration – with all proceeds benefiting WateReuse Colorado scholarships – and to produce wine at InVINtions Winery for WateReuse Colorado outreach events.

Implementation of Direct Potable Reuse in Colorado

The white paper investigated the potential challenges that Colorado utilities could face in implementing direct potable reuse (DPR) as a means to supplement drinking water supplies with purified recycled water.

Considering DPR Implementation White Paper




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