Agriculture & Colorado's Water Plan

Center pivot sprinkler over a field with a stormy sky in the background.

Agricultural production in Colorado plays a significant role in the state’s economy and remains the economic backbone of many rural communities. Agriculture also supports important environmental attributes, strengthens Colorado’s food security, and upholds our state’s cultural identity. 

Colorado agriculture faces multiple water resource challenges including drought, climate change, and the potential for increasing supply gaps, but the agriculture sector can also play a critical role in addressing these challenges. The Colorado Water Plan calls for efforts to help maintain Colorado’s agricultural productivity, support for rural economies, and food security, as well as, supporting industry efforts to become more efficient and resilient.


Featured Project: Colorado Master Irrigator

Agricultural producers under the Colorado Master Irrigator (CMI) program learn new tools and strategies to help sustain or preserve Ogallala aquifer levels in ways that are profitable for their operations. The Colorado Water Conservation Board, along with other Federal, state, and local partners, is supporting the CMI program through a Colorado Water Plan Grant. This collaborative and innovative program encourages voluntary water conservation and efficiency using an interactive class format and peer-to-peer exchange. Graduates of the CMI program are also eligible for special discounts on irrigation equipment as well as special cost-share funding opportunities.