Board Meeting | January 29-30, 2024

Meeting Notice

Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) will be held on Monday, January 29, 2024 commencing at 10:00 a.m. and continuing through Tuesday, January 30, 2024. This meeting will be held in person at The Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Conference Center 13200 East 14th Place Aurora 80011 and virtually on zoom, you will be able to access the meeting through a link on the CWCB’s website the day of the meeting.

All programs, services, and activities of the Department of Natural Resources and the CWCB are operated in compliance with the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act. If you need special accommodations as a result of a disability, or have other questions about the above activities, please contact Viola Bralish at (303) 866-3441, Ext. 3206, or at viola.bralish@state.co.us.



Meeting Agenda

Monday, January 29, 2024

CWCB Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance - 10:00-10:02

  1. Review and Approve Agenda - 10:02-10:05
  2. Review and Approve November 15 & 16, 2023 Board Meeting Minutes - 10:05-10:08
  3. Approve and/or Remove Consent Agenda Items - 10:08-10:15

2024 CWCB Board Meeting Dates & Potential Locations

  1. March 13 & 14 – Denver Metro Area
  2. May 15 & 16 – Colorado Basin
  3. July 17 & 18 - North Platte Basin
  4. September 18 & 19 – Rio Grande Basin
  5. November 20 & 21 – Denver Metro Area


  1. Directors’ Reports - 10:15-11:15
    1. DNR Executive Director/IBCC Director
    2. CWCB Director
    3. IBCC Director
    4. Agriculture Commissioner
    5. State Engineer 
    6. Division of Parks and Wildlife Director 
    7. Water Resource and Power Development Authority

11:15-12:15    Lunch

  1. Attorney General’s Report, Legal Briefing, and Executive Session - 12:15-12:20
  2. Executive Session - 12:20-1:20
    a. Potential Shoshone Power Plant water rights acquisition, water court change case
    b. Colorado River Compact Interpretation Matters
  3. Report from Executive Session - 1:20-1:25
  4. Financial Matters - Construction Fund and Severance Tax Perpetual Base Fund - 1:25-1:45
    Finance Section
    a. Financial Projections and Cash Management Report
    b. Two Rivers Water & Farming Company, and Two Rivers Farms F-2, Inc. – Loan Delinquency
  5. Water Project Loans - 1:45-1:55
    Finance Section
    a. Grandview Canal and Irrigation Company – Grandview Canal Improvements
  6. 2024 Projects Bill - 1:55-2:55
    Finance Section
    a. 2024 Projects Bill Summary Sheet
    b. Floodplain Risk Management – NRI Funding Increase
    c. Shoshone Water Right Permanency – NRI Funding Request

2:55-3:10 Afternoon Break 

  1. Water Supply Reserve Fund Applications January 2024 - 3:10-3:25
    Water Supply Planning Section
    a. Basin – Arkansas 
    Applicant – Lake County 
    Name of Water Activity – Lake County Water Resource Assessment

    b. Basin – Gunnison 
    Applicant – Colorado River Water Conservation District 
    Name of Water Activity – Airborne Snow Observatory Mapping in the North Fork of the Gunnison River System

    c.  Basin – Gunnison 
    Applicant – Highline Ditch & Enlargement Company 
    Name of Water Activity – Highline Ditch Pipe Project
  2. Request to Form Intent to Appropriate Instream Flow and Natural Lake Level Water Rights in Water Divisions 1, 2, 4, and 6 - 3:25-3:55
    Stream and Lake Protection Section
  3. Colorado River Updates - 3:55-4:15
    Interstate, Federal, and Water Information Section
  4. Operational Planning Update - 4:15-4:30
    Anna Mauss

Public Comment - 4:30-4:40

    RECESS - 4:40

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

  1. Basin Directors’ Reports - 9:00 – 10:00
    1. Arkansas River Basin Director’s Report 
    2. City and County of Denver Director’s Report 
    3. Rio Grande River Basin Director’s Report 
    4. Yampa-White River Basin Director’s Report
    5. Colorado River (Mainstem) Basin Director’s Report 
    6. San Juan/San Miguel-Dolores River Basin Director’s Report 
    7. Gunnison River Basin Director’s Report
    8. North Platte River Basin Director’s Report
    9. South Platte River Basin Director’s Report
  2. 2024 Species Conservation Trust Fund Eligibility List Approval - 10:00-10:15
    Interstate, Federal, and Water Information Section
  3. Water Plan Scenarios, Water Quality & Land Use Modeling - 10:15-10:30
    Water Supply Planning Section
  4. Turf Replacement & Landscape Change Updates - 10:30-10:45
    Water Supply Planning Section
  5. Stormwater Analysis Update - 10:45-11:00
    Shannon Spurlock (Pacific Institute)
  6. One Water Update - 11:00-11:15
    Water Supply Planning Section
  7. Drought Resilient Project Selection Overview - 11:15-11:30
    Water Supply Planning Section

   LUNCH - 11:30-12:30

  1. Water Quality Control Commission Welcome, Introductions - 12:30-1:00
  2. Water Plan Overview - 1:00-1:15
    Water Supply Planning Section
  3. Water Quality Control Division, Roadmap & WOTUS - 1:15-1:30
    Nicole Rowan (CDPHE)
  4. Quality & Quantity Perspectives - 1:30-1:50
    Robert Sakata & Patti Wells with Torie Jarvis Moderating

BREAK -1:50-2:00

  1. Joint CWCB Board and Water Quality Control Commission Workshop - 2:00-5:00
    Facilitated by Stacy Beaugh (Strategic by Nature)

5:00    ADJOURN

CWCB Consent Agenda January 29-30, 2024

Matters may be placed on the Consent Agenda when the recommended action follows established policy or precedent, there has been a negotiated settlement, or the matter is uncontested and non-controversial. Staff provides memos to CWCB members explaining the matters on the Consent Agenda. Matters on the Consent Agenda are noticed for hearing in the same manner as other agenda items. If a member of the CWCB requests further consideration of an item on the Consent Agenda, the item will be withdrawn from the Consent Agenda and discussed during the meeting or at the next meeting, with action taken after discussion of the item. If a member of the CWCB requests further consideration of an item on the Consent Agenda that pertains to a pending or imminent court action, the matter will be withdrawn from the Consent Agenda and may be discussed during executive session of the same meeting, and any action on that item will be taken in public session. The Consent Agenda may be voted on without reading or discussing individual items. Any CWCB member may request clarification about any matter on the Consent Agenda. 


  1. Statements of Opposition     
    Stream & Lake Protection Section
    Staff recommends the Board ratify CWCB’s filing of the following Statements of Opposition:
    1. Case No. 23CW3040 (Water Division 7): Application of Christopher M. Pickard and Heather L. Pickard
    2. Case No. 23CW3152 (Water Division 5): Application of Treasure Mountain Ranch Inc.
  2. Water Supply Reserve Fund Grants
    Water Supply Planning Section
    a. Basin – Yampa White Green 
    Applicant – Community Ag Alliance 
    Name of Water Activity - Norvell Infrastructure Improvement Project
  3. Change of Grantee
    Administration and Operations Section
    a. Bernhardt Reservoir Water Storage Project – Phase 1    
  4. Floodplain Designations
    Watershed and Flood Protection Section
    a. “Adobe Creek Channel Capacity Analysis, Mesa County, Colorado", by Olsson Associates, dated September 1, 2009
    b. "Flood Insurance Study, Weld County, Colorado, and Incorporated Areas", by FEMA, dated November 30, 2023
    c. "Flood Insurance Study, Ouray County, Colorado, and Incorporated Areas", by FEMA, dated January 11, 2024



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