Updates & Revisions: Rules and Regulations for Regulatory Floodplains in Colorado

Following a robust public and stakeholder engagement process as well as Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) approval, the new Rules and Regulations for Regulatory Floodplains in Colorado (2 CCR 408-1) became effective January 14, 2022. 

The revisions to the Rules 1) update the standards and processes for floodplain designation to make the Rules consistent with FEMA floodplain mapping procedures, 2) amend and clarify Rule 4 definitions; 3) update references to external documents; and 4) revise for clarification the following Rules: Rule 5, Rule 7.I.(2), Rule 8.D., Rule 10.D., Rule 12.D., Rule 12.J., the introductory paragraph to Rule 14, Rule 17, and Rule 20.  


*NOTE: Future dates are subject to change

June 29: Stakeholder Meeting #1

July 9: Stakeholder Meeting #2

July 12: Stakeholder Meeting #3

July 30: File Notice of Rulemaking with Secretary of State and Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA)

August 10: Notice of Rulemaking published in Colorado Register

August 24: Rule 12J Workgroup Meeting

November 18: Rulemaking Hearing at Colorado Water Conservation Board Meeting

November 19: File adopted rules with Secretary of State and request Attorney General Opinion

December 8: Attorney General Opinion filed and file final adopted rules

December 25: Rules published in Colorado Register

January 14, 2022: Rules effective

Pre-Notice Comments
City of Fort Collins  
Post-Notice Comments

Mile High Flood District

Robert Sakata
Carrie Gudorf - Mesa County Matt Jones - Baseline Engineering
Pam Cherry -  Morgan County Jeff Rice - El Paso County
Craig Perl - City of Aurora Marsha Hilmes-Robinson/Jeremy Hamer - Fort Collins/Denver