Flood & Drought Response Fund

This is not a formal grant program, with established guidelines or timelines or applications.  It is by design an as-needed program to react to circumstances and is administered by Kevin Houck and Megan Holcomb.

Point of Contact

Kevin Houck - Flood
303-866-3441 x 3219

Megan O'Grady - Drought
303-866-3441 x 3222

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

We generally work with local governments, but anyone can apply.

How can the money be used?

The money is first and foremost to be used for response to droughts and floods.  They can also be used for activities related to preparedness, mitigation, and recovery for those same two threats.

How can I apply?
There is no application.  Anyone interested in receiving funds should contact Kevin Houck (for flood) or Megan Holcomb (for drought) for consideration.  They will work with anyone who asks to determine if their request meets the intent of the funding source.