Loan Feasibility Examples

All CWCB loan requests must include a Loan Feasibility Study prepared by an engineer, consultant, or project sponsor. The Loan Feasibility Study differs from a reconnaissance-level planning study, which is typically a board conceptual overview of a wide range of options. The Loan Feasibility Study focuses in more specific detail on a limited number of project alternatives.

The Loan Feasibility Study will include:

  • Purpose of the project
  • Sponsor (including type of organization, service area, revenue sources, existing rates)
  • Water demands and water rights 
  • Analysis of alternatives
  • Detailed description of selected alternative including preliminary design and cost estimate
  • Impacts of project both social and environmental
  • Institutional considerations such as permits, court actions, contracts, or other agreements required
  • Financial plan including sponsor’s ability to repay all existing and projected debt service

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