Department of Public Health and Environment Launches New PFAS Grant Program

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In December 2021, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment launched their PFAS grant program. PFAS are man-made chemicals with properties that make them useful for many products - the same properties that are difficult to remove from the environment. PFAS, which are toxic, can get into the groundwater and surface water, and contaminate drinking water; and can lead to multiple adverse health effects.

The PFAS Grant Program provides money to eligible entities through three project categories:

  1. Sampling - for standard sampling and independent environmental studies.
  2. Emergency Assistance - for communities and water systems affected by PFAS.
  3. Infrastructure - treating existing PFAS and strategies for preventing upstream sources of PFAS.

Applicants can choose to work with a state contractor to create PFAS sampling plans and drinking water providers can apply to test their treated drinking and source waters. Private well owners and eligible entities can apply for small scale sampling without reimbursement through this google form.

Review various criteria and apply by April 1 on the PFAS Projects webpage.


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