Colorado Watershed Restoration Grants

The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) has approved a special release of the Colorado Watershed Restoration Program. The Program will focus on the development of Wildfire Ready Watershed action plans and implementation of projects designed to mitigate post wildfire impacts.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Who can apply?
  • Governmental entities – municipalities, districts, enterprises, counties, and State of Colorado agencies. Federal agencies are encouraged to work with local entities. (Local governments that do not participate in the National Flood Insurance Program will not be eligible for funding).
  • Colorado’s Tribal Governments
  • Private entities - mutual ditch companies, non-profit corporations, and partnerships.
How can the money be used?

Applications will be accepted for capacity building, planning, engineering, and implementation to address the susceptibility of values at risk to post wildfire hazards. Examples include: 

  • Planning to develop the Wildfire Ready Watersheds (WRW) local framework or similar flood after fire mitigation plans. 
  • Engineering projects such as hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, fluvial hazard zone mapping, sediment yield and transport evaluations, risk assessment, project identification and prioritization, project design, permitting, and construction oversight. Special Release of the Colorado Watershed Restoration Program 
  • Implementation projects designed to protect values at risk from post wildfire hazards such as debris flows, increased runoff, hillslope erosion, flooding, and fluvial hazards (erosion, deposition, and channel migration). Project examples include stream and floodplain restoration, floodplain connectivity enhancement, gully stabilization, sediment catchment, revegetation, low water road crossings, culvert replacement, culvert protection and debris catchments, diversion protection, early warning system development, and associated project monitoring.
How can I apply?

Please read the program guidelines before starting an application.

Application Materials

  1. CWCB Portal Registration (Start Here) *Please note that confirmation of registration may take 1-2 days and you will receive an email once your registration is approved.
  2. Application (via CWCB Portal)
  3. Statement of Work Template
  4. Grant Budget & Schedule Template 
  5. Wildfire Ready Action Plan (WRAP) Template Scope of Work
  6. Wildfire Ready Action Plan Supporting Documents

Point of Contact

Chris Sturm
303-866-3441 x3236

Application Deadline

The CWCB will accept applications on a rolling basis starting January 11, 2023 until all available funds are obligated.