Non-Reimbursable Project Grants FAQ

Below are some of the common questions regarding our Non-Reimbursable Project Grant.  

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Beginning a Project before Approval of a Non-Reimbursable Project Investment Grants

All work related to the approved project that will be submitted for CWCB funding must not start prior to final approval of the Grant contract.

Matching Funds Requirement for Non-Reimbursable Project Investment

In general matching funds will increase the likelihood of the Grant approval for those programs that do not require matching funds; however, it is recommended that you contact the CWCB to determine if the request is in one of the matching fund programs.

Non-Reimbursable Project Investment Grant Funds Distribution

Grants are approved by the Legislature and signed by the Governor. When this has occurred a contract must be in place and all contract provisions met prior to the distribution of funds.

Non-Reimbursable Project Investment Grants Application Process

The Construction Fund Grant deadline is August 1 of each year. The Severance Tax Trust Fund Operational Account Grant deadline is January 31 of each year.

Non-Reimbursable Project Investment Qualifications

You are encouraged to contact the CWCB to determine if the Grant request will fit the intent of the program.